What's happening at WE Brew

Welcome to our latest update of what's happening at WE Brew.  It's been a busy year thus far with events, new beers and forward planning for new projects. Here's a bit more information on what you saw on the Vlog.


Jim has his hands full planning the installation of two new double fermentation vessels.  These two new vessels will allow us to brew more of the beers you love as well as more new beers which we're trialling all the tine on the test brew kit.  You hopefully had the chance to try Summit a few weeks ago!  Due to space and Jim wanting everything to match the install will not be as simple as rolling in the vessels and hooking them up!  We will have to move five vessels out of the way to fit two in on the back row and then put them all back again.  We'll also lose the space where the cold liqour tank currently sits therefore we have a new one that will sit outside in Bob's parking space! (Sorry Bob).  There will also be some minor works to the shop as a vessel will be going where the stairs are which will block the way to the toilets. A new entrance will be made via the current back wall.  The work is scheduled to begin in late March after the rugby so please bear with us when that rolls around.  Due to half of our vessels being moved and the space needed to bring the new ones in we will not be able to brew or fill any beer for a week or so, so beers to trade and on the brewery bar may be limited during this time also but we'll hopefully not run out of anything.

 Bob has been busy too.  He was in London for the Father Thames launch where we hired a chap called Owain to portray our Father Thames character. Bob and Paul were down by the river with a photographer to snap some shot which we used for the marketing campaign.  Father Thames the beer has been received very well and will continue to be available till the end of March.  We've had a lot of fun with the beer launch and even have a few FT lookalikes in the brewery with Alex, Kieran, Patrick and Paul all comparing beards!  If you happen to be enjoying a pint and think you look more like Father Thames than any of the boys in the brewery then send us in a photo and we'll share across social media!  

Bob's other big job this year is setting up our first Ale Trail.  Launching in March we're challenging everyone to get round to roughly 25 pubs to have a pint of either WE Brew or Uprising beer.  Each pub will stamp your card to say you've been in and you'll have several chances to win prizes.  More information on the Ale Trail, the pubs involved and the prizes will follow shortly so keep an eye on social media for updates.

Paddy is off to Brazil again! He's been reminding us several times each day for the last two weeks so we're glad that he's off to be honest!  He and Kieran are jetting off for a quick holiday, Kieran at the carnival and Paddy to Argentina, before meeting up at the international beer festival where they are two of the three UK judges! Usually we would struggle to keep you posted via social media with how Paddy is getting on because he's only just figured out text but thankfully Kieran will be on hand to snap some pictures and update us on how they're getting on!

Willie was updating you with events in the brewery.  We've had two great rugby events so far with England carrying on their winning streak.  We've got the Italy match this SUNDAY and the fixtures against Scotland and Ireland to come.  On the final day of the 6 Nations we will be showing all three games so come and enjoy the day with us and hopefully see England make history!

Other events coming up at the brewery include Knight Club which will be a week early on the 14th March due to the vessels being installed.  There will be more comedy nights and some more sporting events coming soon.  The George are hosting a pub Winter ramble this Sunday starting at 9am for bacon butties and then heading out on a 4 mile dog walk before finishing back the pub so feel free to join us for that. Paddy will also be hosting another beer and food matching evening, details will follow shortly.

So there you have it.  A lot has already happened in 2017 and we've a lot more to come! March see the return of an old favourite as the monthly special, did you spot Penny with pump clip? 

Stay tuned via the website and across social media.