When our Paul O'Connell met Zinzan Brooke

Our Paul O'Connell tells us in his own words about chatting with Zinzan Brooke.

"The legend that is Zinzan Brooke popped in to see us today as we launched this years' Zinzan's Drop ahead of the 6 Nations.  I always enjoy it when Zinzan visits as we get to try new things out when promoting the beer; for example last year we did the 'brewery bootcamp' and we got to meet Zinzan's brother Robin who he played alongside for the All Blacks which made for some good photos.

This year was no different for trying out something new.  Seeing as I share the name Paul O'Connell with another rugby legend I thought it would be good to have Paul O'Connell (even it is me being a poor substitute for the real thing) having a chat with Zinzan Brooke. We'd have a quick catch up, find out who he thinks will win the tournament, test his knowledge on the 6 Nations and see if he can pick out his drop in a blind taste test.  Easier said than done apparently!

The original plan was to have one long video which i could easily edit and i also though using my phone would be the best option as i have an app on there that can edit videos.  So once i got my phone not to fall over and high enough to fit Zinzan in the frame we pressed record and away we went.  

The flow of chat was good, i remembered to mention that we're showing the rugby in the brewery and that the beer was on and ready to serve, then Willie points out that the phone had slipped back a little and we were recording the tops of our heads!  Reset take two!

Pretty good this time but forgot to mention about the rugby in the brewery and the beer being on but we were doing well recreating our chat! However Willie then interupes to say the video stopped recording.  I was out of memory, school boy error!  So there i am frantically deciding which pictures and videos to delete to free up some memory, random picture of my dog, sorry Lola, deleted! 8 pictures all the same of my daughter's eyebrow, sorry Imogen, deleted but i did make a mental note to teach her how to take a better selfie! 

OK so we're ready again, lets start from where we left off.  Great going for 4 minutes despite getting deja vu then my phone and SD card decide they can't take any more and give up again!  Short of deleting the videos of the girls unwrapping their Christmas presents (i should have got around to putting them on the laptop by now) and deleting virtually all my apps we thought it'd be best to use Willie's phone.  Worked a treat! I think i might buy new phone!

Finally we got there.  I quizzed Zinzan on his 6 Nations knowledge and got him to pick out his drop in a blind taste test and had it all on video to post online and hopefully get the word out far and wide.

I strolled back to my desk with an air of confidence that all I’ll need to do is trim the videos starts and ends and maybe stitch two together.  I was right that was all i had to do but my phone decided that there was not enough memory to even access my gallery.  I had to give in and delete 3/4 of my apps and then upload the Zinzan videos to my computer.  Upon examining the videos annoyingly on one of them the phone shifted again but Penny stopped it from falling over but it failed to refocus so the second video that's going up will be a little blurry I’m afraid.

All in all we got three videos to go on social media over the next 10 days or so leading up the start of the 6 Nations.  We'll be screening all the England games in the brewery and everyone here looks forward to those events as the atmosphere is fantastic!

If you do join us for the rugby, unless I do get mistaken for a rugby legend and have been booked for Irish TV, you may see me around taking pictures and videos, hopefully with a new phone or with the perfectly good camera that was sat in desk with a blank memory card the whole time!  We live and learn.

Thanks for reading."

Paul (not the former Ireland captain) O'Connell