Windsor & Eton

For well over 300 years, Windsor ales were famous amongst rich and poor alike.

On St Georges Day 2010, seventy-nine years after the closure of Windsor’s last brewery, four friends came together to bring brewing back to the heart of these two famous Berkshire towns.

Today everyone who works here is helping to make Windsor beers world famous again.

  • James

    Brewery Team Treason

    James will always lighten the mood in the brewery with his infectious laugh. A multi-talented guy whose array of jobs helps to keep the beer flowing.

    Favourite moment:

    "Being a rugby player I’ll have to say watching the rugby on the big screen in the brewery. The atmosphere is amazing and what a unique place to watch the game."

  • Tim

    Brewery Team

    Tim can often be found navigating the maze that is the City of London. He’ll happily rise at the crack of dawn to get beer into Leicester Square and Victoria before the roads get closed.

    Favourite moment:

    "I really enjoy building relationships with my regular outlets. It makes the delivery more enjoyable the traffic more bearable when the job you do gets appreciated."

  • Andrea

    Brewery Team Cup of tea

    Continuing the family connection, Andrea is Jim’s better half and sister in law to Bob. Heading up our accounts department she’s the most important person in the business as she ensures that we all get paid!

    Favourite moment:

    "Moving into the new office mainly because it’s air conditioned and I’ve got a bit more space!"

  • Jim

    Chief Engineer Eton Boatman

    Co-owner and chief engineer. Brother to Bob it’s Jim that keeps the brewery ticking over, literally. He does have a tendency to drift off down to the George from time to time to ‘work’!

    Favourite moment:

    "Seeing our first ever brew back in April 2010 is my highlight as it was the beginning of the journey and I was especially happy that everything in the plant worked!"

  • Matt G

    Bar Supervisor Treason

    A post graduate of politics but decided beer was more for him! You'll find Matt behind the bar most days of the week.

    Favourite moment:

    "Every time I engage with a customer about our beers, I love when they get as excited as I do about our fantastic range"

  • Mila

    Brewery Team

    Mila volunteers with us in his spare time. A true globetrotter it was through Mila that we found our collaborator for Republika pilsner.

    Favourite moment:

    "I was sitting with my mate at the Carpenters Arms and there were these two chaps sitting at the next table, looking at us. Then one of them stood up and came to our table and asked me if I was from the brewery and if I was the guy behind the Republika lager. When I said yes he took my hand and shook it and said: Thank you, thank you so much for that! You have no idea, how happy we are that you brought something so great to Windsor. After just few years volunteering at the brewery to get this kind of recognition is priceless."

  • Tommy, Major & Roger

    Beer Delivery Malted Barley

    Easily the two/three most popular members of the team. At 17 hands high and able to shift over a ton of beer between them the combination of any two from Tommy, Major & Roger bring traditional deliveries back to Windsor every fortnight during the summer.

    Favourite moment:

    "For us we enjoy strutting our stuff around the Royal Horse Show. We love all the attention that comes our way."

  • Rob

    Brewery Team Guardsman

    Rob is part of the logistics team and also a reliable fellow to help out on a bar at some of our many events.

    Favourite moment:

    "Working, well I say working it was more socialising really, at the Windsor Beer Fest with the Skin & Blister band playing. A great day and to be part of the first ever Windsor Beer Fest was fun."

  • Steve

    Brewer / Driver Kohinoor

    Former teacher now following dream job!

    Favourite moment:

    "Being fresh out the blocks, what I'm most looking forward to is... Solo brewing my first beer, delivering it to all our customers and drinking a pint of it down The George!"

  • István

    Brewery Team Windsor Knot

    István is one of our brewers who gets his head down and the get the beer brewed with little fuss. Consistent and flawless just like the beers he brews.

    Favourite moment:

    "Drinking a beer that I’ve brewed whether it’ll be at my home or at one of the pubs we supply gives me a real sense of pride and achievement."

  • Bryan

    Drayman Eton Rifles

    Bryan is the newest member of the logistics team. A Windsor native who happens to be one of our Knights, his choice of steed just happens to be a WEBrew van!

    Favourite moment:

    "I got to go out on the Horses in my first week so that would be my best moment so far...."

  • Alex

    Brewery Team

    Alex loves beer so much it’s even in his name! One of our young ‘hip’ brewers who thankfully brews beer better than he does tea! If you can’t find him he’ll be up to his neck in the copper or such like.

    Favourite moment:

    "My favourite moment was the 5th birthday celebrations which culminated in the pub crawl. It was great day, with great people and great beer."

  • Kieran

    Uprising Founder Kohinoor

    As Paddy’s son you could bet brewing is in his blood. Brewer and founder of Uprising Brewery, Kieran is a young brewer looking to push the boundaries and challenge the brewing convention.

    Favourite moment:

    "Whilst I was working in the brewery Alex went to dry hop a vessel of Republika. Unbeknownst to him the vessel was fuller than usual so when he added the hops the beer exploded creating a beer volcano that flooded the brewery. Funny now but not at the time!"

  • Sarah

    Brewery Team

    Sarah brings a wealth of talent to the team with her sales expertise. She uses her experience in the industry to help us develop business across the country.

    Favourite moment:

    "My first day! Everyone was so welcoming and friendly. After being here for a week it felt like I’d been here for a year."

  • Guy

    Brewery Team Guardsman

    Having been a paramedic in London for the best part of of 26 years, London traffic doesn't bother Guy. So if you're in need of an 'emergency' delivery of beer, Guy is your guy. Mind you, on his beer journeys, he's still finding new parts of the city even he never knew existed...

    Favourite moment:

    "Easily my best moment so far was delivering in Windsor with the Horses. What a fantastic experience!"

  • Clive

    Brewery Team White Riot

    Our man on the road! Clive is responsible for business development for trade. He has the enviable job of visiting pub after pub for chats.

    Favourite moment:

    "The new bar going in at the George giving us six hand pulls and giving me a wider range of beers for my day off."

  • Jake

    Brewery Team Parklife

    Jake helps out with all things brewery from racking to making brights. He gets the job done!

    Favourite moment:

    "Whenever we show sport in the brewery, whether it’s Rugby, Football or Cycling there’s always a great atmosphere!"

  • Matt S

    Brewer Conqueror

    PhD scientist turned brewer! Following his passions - when he's not making beer, you'll often see him drinking it!

    Favourite moment:

    "Hearing the positive reviews in the brewery tap from customers drinking Corker - it was my first brew!"

  • Penny

    Brewery Team Treason

    When not photobombing all our pictures Penny runs the shop ensuring you can always get your beer fix.

    Favourite moment:

    "Christmas 2011 and the launch of Mandarin. There was such an incredible response from everyone. Along with the Maracaná I’ve never seen a beer fly out the door so quickly."

  • Joe

    Brewery Team Conqueror

    Without Joe we wouldn’t be able to rack any beer! Responsible for ensuring the casks and kegs are returned, cleaned & sterilised ready for the next batch.

    Favourite moment:

    "I enjoy working at the Knight Club events especially on ‘Joe’s bar’ which we set up at my work station."

  • Bob

    Marketing Director Corker

    Co-owner and all things marketing. Bob is Jim’s brother and is responsible for all our branding. The most sought after man in the business. If you find him in the brewery you’ve done well!

    Favourite moment:

    "Being a bit of a history buff getting the chance to drink one of our own beers, Waterloo Guardsman, with my brother on the battlefield on the 200th anniversary of the battle of Waterloo was very cool."

  • Will

    Director Windsor Knot

    Co-owner and Finance guru. Willie can usually be found buried at his desk crunching numbers.He does this so efficiently that were able to acquire the George which has added to his mountains of paperwork and giving him even more numbers to crunch.

    Favourite moment:

    "Being awarded the best supplier award by Waitrose was a very proud moment as it recognises the way we do business."

  • Paddy

    Head Brewer Conqueror 1075

    Co-owner and master brewer Paddy has the longest commute as he splits his time between his home in Wilmslow and Windsor. Due to this he moonlights as a drayman for the ‘up north’ route. While at home Paddy puts his wife Sue to work making beer based nuts, fudge & preserves. His main talent however is creating our award-winning beers!

    Favourite moment:

    "Seeing Jim get covered in yeast whilst unblocking the outlet of a full fermenter as I was glad it wasn’t me!"

  • Derek

    Brewery Team Seattle Porter

    Derek is the most photographed man at the brewery. He tends to go under the radar as whenever he’s out about making deliveries his co-workers, Tommy & Major grab all the attention. Without Derek there would be no Horse drawn dray in Windsor.

    Favourite moment:

    "It is quite exciting when you turn the corner at Windsor Castle and everyone gets their camera out. I pretend it’s for me but my shire horses are the real stars."

  • Linda

    Brewery Team Conqueror 1075

    Linda heads up accounts for the George. Armed with her ‘executioner’ bug zapper she keeps the office in order.

    Favourite moment:

    "I can’t go into too much detail but you know that moment when you walk in halfway through a conversation and misinterpret the whole thing. Well Penny and I were having a natter when Patrick walked in at a particular moment of the convo and the look on his face was priceless. It was made even funnier for us, scarier for him as it was his first day! Thankfully he did come back though!"

  • Graeme

    Brewery Team Corker

    We had to change his profile picture 3 times before he was happy with it! Graeme’s focus lies totally with our customers, ensuring you enjoy your experience at the brewery. Whether it’s a visit to our shop, a brewery tour, a members night or a night at the brewery watching rugby – Graeme’s on it!

    Favourite moment:

    "I did take a bit of pride in the inaugural Windsor Beer Fest in 2015. Though a lot of work, once it was done and dusted I really enjoyed the experience and glad everyone enjoyed the event."

  • Paul

    Brewery Team Republika

    Paul heads up logistics with a bit of sales, production, marketing & events thrown in. He also 'consults' the office on Fantasy Football but judging by his results we're better off making our own minds up!

    Favourite moment:

    "Moving into unit 3 as my Dad’s business was based there years ago. I spent many a summer holiday working there with him so to be working back on the estate and in the same building is quite special."