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Autumn leaves, Canberra arrives!

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With Autumn here we've started brewing Canberra, our ever popular Autumnal Ale.

Canberra, is a rich chestnut coloured beer brewed with dark malts including Imperial, Chocolate, and Dark Aromatic.  Canberra was the third beer in our trilogy of beers to commemorate the Jubilee year in 2012. As with the other beers in this series (Treetops and Kohinoor) it is inspired by the use of ingredients from areas of the Commonwealth. In this particular case, this ‘New World Commonwealth Ale’ uses Maple Syrup from Canada and hops from Australia (Galaxy) and New Zealand (Motueka and Nelson Sauvign).

On the day of the Coronation in 1953, BBC footage was flown non-stop to Canada on a Canberra jet plane, to achieve for the first time the ability of these members of the Commonwealth to see events in London on the same day that they had occurred. Whilst the world’s technical achievements have moved on since then, what makes excellent beer remains the same. Despite this beer being only 4%, we know you’ll enjoy its surprisingly full, malty flavour. A perfect brew for those cold dark months!

Autumn leaves, Canberra arrives in our brewery tap and in the George Inn, Eton on the weekend of the 6th October with deliveries to trade commencing 9th October.

Available in cask (4.0% ABV)  October to December and available in 500ml bottles whilst stocks last.