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WeBrew's very own version of a Christmas Ale!

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2017 Update! Mandarin is finally here - launched on 24th November 2017 for this year's Christmas period! Please call or visit the brewery to pre-order your mini casks, pins and firkins or buy bottles via our online shop. Whilst stocks last!

Mandarin's Story: Originally this beer came about because a hop merchant wanted us to try some new trial hops that weren’t yet available commercially but that he felt would be in the future. One of these hops is named “Mandarina Bavaria” and this immediately grabbed our attention. There are many new world citrus hops available these days but a new variety, grown on the continent and with a mandarin character? Hop rubbing confirmed they were right – a clear Mandarin type aroma and flavour – too good to wait for!

We took all the crop they had available and as far as we know we were the only brewery in the UK to brew with this new and exciting hop. And when should we produce a beer with a mandarin note?- had to be Christmas! It all sold out instantly and caused quite a stir. Christmas fruit bowl in a glass! 

We now brew Mandarin every Christmas with Will driving to Germany to ensure have more hops for more brews! 

The beer produced was a light orange colour (like the fruit!) using low levels of crystal malt. The aroma had a citrus character further enhanced by the blending with Columbus hops. However the magic of this beer was in the flavour itself. Light and refreshing when first drunk but with a distinct mandarin flavour on the after-palate. Unique and very special.