Our Saison returns! Sharp, citrus edge with a peppery finish. Refreshing!

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And now for something completely different.....again! Due to it's popularity and positive feedback we've brewed Peppertree once again. This beer is not a typical British cask ale. It has been brewed in the classic style of a French Saison beer. These beers were produced by Flemish farm workers in the cooler months, ready to be drunk in the fields during the warmer summer season (“Saison”). As such the beers use traditional Belgian style yeasts producing very different flavours.

The resultant beer is a golden yellow colour with the classic Belgian banana and yeasty aroma. The flavour is sharp and slightly sour with distinct lemon notes and a peppery finish along with the classic Belgian beer “funkiness”. Maximum refreshment for those hard days in the cornfields!

A single brew available in cask only throughout April.